Imperfect Produce Delivery Unboxing & Review

Imperfect Produce Delivery Unboxing & Review

Like thousands of Americans, we saw the Imperfect Produce ads on Facebook and had to see what all the hype was about. Having recently gone vegetarian I thought it would a great way to introduce veggies into to our diet without ever running to low! Who knew how many veggies you actually needed in the house to sustain this lifestyle. Trust me it’s a lot! I was expecting really ugly produce, I mean grotesque, but our delivery was nothing of the sort. Small abrasions, weird shapes, but not too strange it was stuff you could find at a grocery store!

I used a discount code to order the “small box”. A week later I received an email stating that we could log in and customize my box. I decided against, surprise me damn it! The box arrived on my doorstep on October 7th around 7 am. We pulled in the box and put aside later. The veggies arrived clean and neat. For some reason, I expected mud, bugs, and grass. Come on now! They said it was ugly produce! But no, these were grocery store quality veggies.

I received 1 head of lettuce, a pineapple, 2 beefsteak tomatoes,  green and red onion, 2 capsicum peppers, carrots and a cucumber. They all arrived in decent shape sans a few injuries: one of the peppers had a gash, the pineapple was missing its crown, and two onions peels were already coming off.

I was charged $13.32, but with my discount code, only paid $7.21! If you are interested in signing up please use my code! Also, they offer a reduced cost box for qualifying households! The application for that is HERE. Be sure to apply it won’t hurt to see if you qualify!

You can receive a box weekly or bi-weekly. Also, you aren’t charged until a week after your box is delivered, allowing you to cancel at any time! For more questions about the service please look at their FAQs!

BTW!!!! We recorded an unboxing video for your enjoyment! Please take a look and let us know what you think!

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